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maintaining overall oral health, promoting healthy teeth and gums, detecting and treating issues early on.


General Dentistry

We provide a wide range of services, including routine checkups, cleanings, fillings, extractions, and diagnostic services.



When the teeth are properly aligned, they function efficiently and are less prone to wear, injury and disease.
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Teeth Braces

Braces can be used to treat a wide range of issues, including overcrowding, gaps between the teeth, overbites, underbites, and crossbites.


General Dentistry
Dental Surgery
Teeth Protection



Regular and Wisdom teeth extraction: The removal of a tooth that is damaged or decayed.


A cosmetic dental procedure that aims to lighten the color of the teeth and remove discoloration.


teeth protection

Overall maintaining a good oral hygiene routine is the key to keeping your teeth healthy.



The goal of general dentistry is to help small patients maintain good oral health and prevent future problems from occurring.


What We Do

to calm down the kids

if they feel uncomfortable

As a pediatric dentist, we use a child-friendly approach and use different forms of sedation, such as nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and general anesthesia to help calm children who may feel uncomfortable during dental visits. Additionally, we establish trust, build a good rapport, and provide rewards for good behavior, to make the dental experience more comfortable and fun for children.

We also have a special area for children that designed for them to feel comfortable and has a relaxing and fun atmosphere.


Clear Aligners
In-Office Aligners
At-Home Aligners


The goal of orthodontic treatment is to straighten teeth and improve the bite, which can improve the overall appearance of your smile as well as your overall oral health.
Our clinic has a highly trained staff who will provide teeth alignment services for your children.

Clear Aligners

In-Office Aligners

At-Home Aligners



Teeth Brace
Metal Braces
Ceramic Braces
Lingual Braces

Painless Dentistry Procedures

Painless dentistry refers to the use of techniques and technologies that minimize or eliminate pain during dental procedures.
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Maintenance Package

Oral hygiene
Gum Care
Dental Cleaning


Cosmetic Surgeries

Root canal treatment



Restorative Procedures

Missing teeth
Tooth bonding
Porcelain veneers
Inlays & Onlays


Q: How young should a child be when they first visit the dentist?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that a child should first visit the dentist within six months of their first tooth eruption, or no later than their first birthday. This allows the dentist to monitor the child’s oral development and address any issues early on.

How do I prepare my child for their first dental visit?

You can prepare your child for their first dental visit by talking to them about the importance of keeping their teeth and gums healthy, and by reading them books or watching videos about visiting the dentist. Also, you can explain them in simple terms the process of the visit and what they can expect.

My child is afraid of the dentist. What can I do?

Many children are afraid of the dentist, especially if they’ve had negative experiences in the past. One way to help your child overcome their fear is by finding a pediatric dentist who specializes in treating children and has experience working with fearful patients. Also you can ask for a nitrous oxide sedation to help your child relax during the visit.

Is thumb-sucking bad for my child's teeth?

Thumb-sucking is a normal habit for infants and young children, and most children will stop on their own by the age of four or five. However, if your child continues to suck their thumb or fingers beyond this age, it can cause problems with their teeth and bite. Your pediatric dentist will be able to evaluate your child’s habit and provide guidance on how to help your child stop.

My child's teeth are discolored. What could be causing this?

There are many possible causes of discolored teeth in children, including tooth decay, trauma, and certain medical conditions. Some medications and excessive intake of fluoride can also cause discoloration. Your pediatric dentist will be able to examine your child’s teeth and determine the cause of the discoloration, and recommend appropriate treatment.


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Creating smiles, building confidence: a fun dental home for children. Our clinic is a place where each child’s unique smile is cared for and nurtured, promoting a confident and healthy smile for life.

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