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We use only proven service providers to organize
the transportation of your cargo.


Reliability of the carrier is the cornerstone in the organization of transportation, when not only the high cost of transported goods, but also your reputation is at stake.


Care in the organization of freight transport helps to avoid unpleasant delays or even loss of cargo. We adhere to this important principle.


Delivering your shipment on time is very difficult, because many unforeseen events can happen. But we try to plan shipments in a way that avoids them.

Attractive Pricing

Low prices are rarely an indication of quality. Our prices are attractive and competitive with the highest quality of transportation services.

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Our vast experience in organizing freight shipments around the world helps us to fulfill our obligations to customers and be the best in our business.

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We optimize all activities related to information, material and financial flows. We provide globally integrated, end-to-end solutions that meet our clients’ supply chain management needs, with particular attention to industry requirements.

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We are a provider of comprehensive supply chain solutions. We combine intercontinental air and ocean freight with comprehensive value-added logistics and supply chain services. Supply chain solutions can range from simple transportation or storage to complex operations.

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